North Coast 500

Three weeks ago we joked we were. Now we are, an official North Coast 500 Church.   We are very grateful to the Hannah and the ‘Business Club Team’ for all the help and support given. More to follow in this new venture.

Cafe Church

It was a great pleasure to have Alex MacDonald and Donald Forsyth at our recent ‘Cafe Church’ event.  Around 60 people attended.  We were treated to many of Alex’s songs (from each of his 3 cd’s) and were grateful for the background and explanation to them. Going down to Aviemore Read more…

‘Simple and Sincere’

Following on from our last ‘Simple & Sincere’ event, this weekend’s Easter Story will be remembered in similar vein. No ‘bells or whistles’, just a quiet remembering of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. All welcome! (Service Times, Sunday 11.30am or 6.30pm)