Davy and John singing – ‘It is well with my soul.’
Jon Jessup singing – ‘Seek ye first’
Eric Paterson – ‘Jesus was welcomed there’ (part 1)
Jon Jessup singing – ‘Psalm 100’
Ian Allan – ‘Jesus, the author & finisher of our faith’.
Alison and Rachel singing – ‘I hear the sound of Rustling in the leaves of the tree’s.’
Dave singing – ‘10000 reasons for my heart to sing’
Rachel singing – ‘Revelation Song.’
Janet & Lizzie singing – ‘When I survey the wondrous cross.’
Rachel singing – ‘Psalm 84’

Davy singing – ‘How great thou art’

Davy & John singing – ‘Because he lives, I can face tomorrow.’
Janet & Lizzie singing – ‘Rock of Ages.’
Dave and Rachel singing – ‘I cast my mind to Calvary.’
Kate Weir singing – Psalm 40 to the tune Golspie

Rachel singing – ‘Be thou my Vision Lord’ 

Davy singing – ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’

Rachel and Davy Singing - 'Ps 121 to the tune Dark Island'
Davy Singing - 'Ps 23 The Lord My Shepherd'
Davy Singing - 'In Christ Alone'
Janet & Lizzie Singing - 'Just as I am without one plea'
Rachel Singing - 'Psalm 34'
Rachel Singing - 'It is well with my soul'
Davy Singing - 'Psalm 16v7'
Rachel Singing - 'Psalm 133'
Davy Singing - 'Psalm 24'
Davy Singing – ‘My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness’
Rachel Singing – ‘Glory in Immanuel’s Land’