WOW. What a great day was had at the baking stall! Thank you SO much to everyone who donated baking, supplies, donations, bought baking, came along for a chat, told their friends, had a smile and supported the event far beyond what we could have imagined.
We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have raised £712 for the Joy Art Base in Nairobi, Kenya and sold out almost everything on the stall. Incredible!
It was such a great day and we have to thank the Golspie Rowing Club for organising and running the regatta, as well as all the other rowing clubs who came along and were such great sports as well as buying plenty of baking. Of course a congratulations to Golspie Rowing Club is in order as they are the overall winning club of the regatta!
A thanks also to Tesco who donated a large quantity of fresh fruit, cups and napkins which made for a very successful fruit salad selection which was much appreciated in the heat.
We look forward to seeing what new art projects our donation will allow the Joy Art Base to undertake and pray that the young people they work with will be blessed through the project.
Thank you once again to all and you have permission to hang up your baking mitts!